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Cadini was founded in 1970 in Florence, Italy as a manufacturer of men’s garments and accessories. Since then, Cadini has continuously grown, maintaining a great passion for style, quality, and, research.
Over the years, Cadini has evolved from a manufacturer into a classic menswear brand, developing its own collections.


The brand and the company is called by the name of the group of mountains “il Gruppo dei Cadini di Misurina”, close to the lake of Misurina in Cortina (Northern Italy). It is a group of dolomites, which have exclusive variety of rocks, types of hills and valleys.

It is coherent with the company’s wide range of products, which include classic and casual men’s wear and also complementing accessories, which creates a complete contemporary “total look”. Moreover, the word “ciadin”, from which derives the name of the mountain group itself, means “amphitheatre”.


ROME wasn’t built in a day! This magnificent city that we see today, known for it’s architectural marvel, was built by the Romans. But, what if the architectural ideas that the Romans had, a sizeable chunk of them were inherited from some other race? The Etruscans! A very powerful race before the Romans who had made Italy as their home. The Etruscan era saw the villages made of mud and straw being replaced with cities, walled towns with streets and houses built with baked brick or stone.

Intriguingly, this powerful race of Etruscans were fashion savvy and way ahead of their time. The preserved wall paintings of the Etruscan tombs are testimony to the extravagant Etruscan fashion that entailed a wide range of cuts and colours.

An alignment with Our Core values; Style & Power, the Etruscan civilization thereby became an ideal reference point for CADINI’s logo. A styled Etruscan bronze horse, representative of strength and power, is the ideal depiction of the contemporary CADINI man.