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Product Offering

Cadini is recognized for its timeless and elegant menswear. For over four decades Cadini has made innovative steps to become a leader in the industry. Cadini impeccably crafts the “total look” for the fashion conscious man.

Celebrated for its quality and contemporary style, Cadini has shown, since the beginning, great promise as a renowned manufacturer in the menswear sector.

From the fabrics and designs to the final products, Cadini shows an ongoing commitment to quality. By using imaginative textiles and innovative design sense, Cadini provides the total look experience to customers. The collection consists of premium men’s suits, shirts, jackets, exquisite silk ties, pocket squares, scarves and a variety of accessories.

  • Suits, jackets, and trousers
    • Formals & semi-formal trousers
    • Formal Suits, Bandgalas, Tuxedos
    • Formal & Casual Jackets
  • Shirts & T-Shirts
    • Formals, fashion formals, smart casuals shirts
    • Polo Neck T-shirts
  • Denims & Chinos
  • Ties, Pocket Squares & Scarves
    • Made of 100% Silk
  • Custom- Made
  • Leather Accessories