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A classic formal wardrobe is to follow norms, obtain respect, signalling professionalism and maintaining social distances. The garments radiate an aura of absolute authority and power like no other. It is an epitome of sophistication and a product of impeccable craftsmanship to suit your quintessential style. A handsomely tailored suit and an intricately crafted shirt, ornamented with fine men’s accessories, zenith your personality to another level.


Cadini’s devotion to perfection and functionality enhances the style as well as the spirit of unmatched comfort and effortless elegance. Cool collection of jackets, biologically pre-washed shirts, contemporary trendy chinos and 100% mercerized cotton tees help you to carry your style sense when you clock in each morning.


Occasions! Every occasion calls for celebration and every celebration calls for indulgence. An indulgence to treat yourself with the best to create an everlasting Memory. The fabrics, the colour stories, the cuts and the silhouettes, every element to create garments that make an impact in the world of fashion. And when we talk about any special occasion, the selection becomes more focused. Cadini plays the role of your personal designer and helps you groom perfectly for unforgettable moments in your life. Royal bandhgala and jodhpuri add ethnicity to your materialist social routine; ceremonial suits and jackets help you be a debonair.


Accessories are ingredients to spice up your dressing. They are as important as “cherry on the cake”. Italian leather belts and wallets, sturdy silk ties/bows, flowing silk scarves and firmly draped cravat, and aesthetically crafted cufflinks all act as men’s ornaments and add feather to your hat.